Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More workk!

I'm starting to define my characters some more, for my HAG concept. Here's also a bonus of a value study. Yes that is a capybara. Yes, he's having pina coladas with friends at the beach.

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Yasemin Baran said...

dood, these look AWESOOMMEE!! :D
love the characterization and the style, especially in the first image.. nice gestures ;)
and the value study rocks my socks!! It looks beautiful.. btw i watched surf's up the other day, i'm in love with the color palette!! ;_; the waves were unbelievable!! (were they real footage or cg?!?! wtf!)
This last piece somewhat reminds me of that, the value scheme is pretty close to it, i love it!!
ps: check out the last pic i put up on my blog, its pretty diff. than what i usually do :D

another email-long message over... XD