Monday, November 10, 2008

Nathan Fowkes Color Demo

Hey everyone! This weekend, I was lucky enough to attend a color workshop at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art taught by the amazing Nathan Fowkes. He was very clear and concise, taught very useful information, and was nice enough to let us photograph the demo.
So as I promised, I'm posting the process shots. Unfortunately the image quality is not super high, but these were the better ones I got.
It's also ironic, that this is a color workshop, and there's no way the colors would ever come out the same in the photos (and everyone's screens).
It was great meeting everyone at the workshop! Hope everyone enjoyed it like I did.

PS: For those who are confused, the images go from top to bottom, starting from the left hand side.

Here's what I got to do there. The color keys were quite fun, and so were the quick portraits. The colors are off on the screen (duh), but as you can see, I had a lot of fun.


pumml said...

Hi Tuna!

It was nice meeting you at the workshop. Your paintings turned out great! Thanks for organizing and posting all these examples. I'll hopefully have mine posted in the next day or two.

Tom Scholes said...

Thanks for posting these, was a good workshop.

Really in love with some of the art on your blog :)

Ron Smith said...

Dear Tuna;

It was great to meet you and Allie. You are both very fine artists.

Thanks for posting Nathan's demo.

Ron Smith

Jason Scheier said...

Your work is a breath of fresh air!

tunaf1sh said...

Drake - thanks! i like how yours came out too. i'll be checking for the pics :D

Tom - thanks a lot. i really liked the workshop myself.

Ron - no problem! it was really fun to be with everyone. there were many good artists there :)

Jason - thank you, you're so kind. I'll make sure I bug you later on :D

pumml said...

Hi again! I posted up some pics from the workshop.

Anonymous said...
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