Monday, March 22, 2010

Daily Scribbles

Warm Summer Sunday
Teddy And I
Weekend Getaway
Coffee Talk
Auntie Bora (yesss I'm an Aunt now!)

Here are some select daily scribbles. I will definitely put up some better quality ones soon. Thanks for tuning in!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Will You Make Me A Monster Suit?

Just a part of my "daily scribbles". Some of you already know that I fall into the postless pit of doom and lamely forget updating my blog form time to time. To avoid that, I've started drawing/painting/scribbling something everyday, with the inspiration and guidance of the talented and kind Pascal Campion. It's been about ten days or so, and I'll be uploading them all soon. I started small (facebook), and I was encouraged to post them here since my friends gave me so much support!

Some of my friends at IF magazine asked if I could talk about portfolios a bit, so I did. I'm not even trying to take credit for it. I'm just going to say I had the luck to listen to some people who I have tremendous talent and experience, and I wanted to pass down that info to those who didn't get that opportunity.I think it's published this month.

I've also been invited to show with some reaaaaaally talented friends of mine, in Post Penumbra, organized by The Upper Six Hundreds. Those of you who know them are already expecting a grand display, but I have to say I went and saw what they were doing with the gallery space, and it's better than you can even imagine! the Show will be opening on April 24th, in Downtown LA. Please come by and say hi :)