Friday, July 31, 2009

Back At It

Hi there! I've been meaning to put up some sketches, and I know I haven't done it on time, but it's because I wanted to work on them some more. So here's the first one! I finally sat down and did something with one of those figures.

Also, Comic Con and its preparations took some time. It was totally worth it! I had a great time and met great people there.
You can find the photos I took on my flickr page.
I'll be covering Comic Con 09 for Photoshop Magazin in Turkey, expected publishing date being September. So if you're in Turkey at that time, feel free take a look.

If you wanna read about me, pick up a copy of Photoshop Magazin's August issue. The lovely people there decided to interview me. Thank you!

For those who are in LA, I'll be having a solo show soon. REAL soon. So keep checking ^^

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi everyone!
I have a bunch of sketches piled, waiting to be scanned. But until then, I thought I'd upload some boards and other stuff that I've done.
Stay tuned for some new sketches :)