Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lauren M

Here's a painting of my hilarious friend Lauren. She's rad.
She found that white jacket at a thrift store, she said. I believe it, she's one of my favorite flea market companions ever (please refer to me buying crazy denim jackets).

I had to start over and over again to try to get that Lauren essence, and in my opinion I still haven't succeeded, but it's better than my first few sketches. One day, I shall make a better one!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breakfast & Breakfast Only, Three Times A Day

I haven't had the time to post anything in a long time, because of crazy projects piling up. Some exciting things are happening, and sooner or later I shall post them as well.

Speaking of exciting, I should state that breakfast food always gets me excited. There are so many things you can call "breakfast", and I'm so into it.
This little sketch isn't new, but I had to post something. I think I painted this because I really wanted bacon and eggs, but didn't have bacon. Can't quite recall. Part of me wants to make a pattern out of this, and print it as wrapping paper, postcard, a t-shirt or something.