Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi everyone!
I have a bunch of sketches piled, waiting to be scanned. But until then, I thought I'd upload some boards and other stuff that I've done.
Stay tuned for some new sketches :)


Whitney Pollett said...

Those Katy Perry boards are WAY coooool! When did you do these?

ps. ALL your work is way coool!!
My fav is the colab. vis. fx project with Brian do! AAaaand the tall girl with the purple dress and orange boots on pg. 1.


Jason Scheier said...

whoa, what a plethora of imagery! I really enjoy all of these images, and its nice to see such a variety of them. keep up all the great work, and I look forward to seeing your sketches. After you scan them of course. :P take it ez j

Devon Whitehead said...

Nice work Tuna! lookin' good

tunamunaluna said...

Hi Whitney!
thanks for the compliments. those boards were from last summer, the colab was from our sophomore year, and the girl was a paper cut up I glued together to relax a bit :) they were all fun!
where are you these days?

Thanks Jason!
You're so kind as ever. I'm in the middle of scanning still, I didn't realize how much I had piled.

Hey Devon! So are your new works- can't wait to see your stuff this year!

Kali Fontecchio said...

You're so fancy- I didn't know you worked on that 3 Legged Legs video- looks great! Fancy, Fancy.

Rem-Y said...

Really really nice work.
You published a comment on my blog few month ago, so I was curious to watch what you do.
This is pretty cool.

Unknown said...


tunamunaluna said...

Thanks Kali! You're fancIER :D

Thank you Rem! You have really cool stuff, I'm keeping my eyes on your blog :)

Thanks Alina! Your stuff is raaaad :)

Rondell said...

What kind of website is this? Y'all selling tuna or not?

Saul Espinosa said...

cool! looking good Tuna!