Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hey everyone! Originally I attended my good friend Dylan to the duty of reminding me to post twice a week, but he's blowin it. Therefore, I had to take charge once again.
I felt like messing with the inks once again. These sketches are both 5-10mins, and the bottom bottom one has a 5-min-photoshop-touch-up.
Oh, and guess what business I considered getting into before I became a concept artist.
I acutally hate posting "pics", so I promise actual scans next time :)


Anonymous said...

canım sıkılmaya başladı benim ya

abhishek singh said...

this is fantastic!!!!
very very nice ...
looking forward to how u will take these experiments forward :)
very interestin and wonderful.
cool stuff:)

Unknown said...

Really love these!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Pretty :p

Monica Grue said...


tunamunaluna said...

thanks everyone! i'll try to stick to the "blog at least twice a week" rule :)

Yasemin Baran said...

suppa stunning work!! keep it up hon! ;D

allie said...

dude, this is great, super inspiring! i may even pick up my ink brush right now...

mylan said...

i love this girl tuna. we once considered similar proffesions <3 and luck

Saul Espinosa said...

these are beautiful! love the style and movement, good stuff :]

Jordan Lamarre-Wan said...

these are truly amazing!

Anonymous said...


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