Monday, October 13, 2008

The Blue Jay And The Peacock

Hi everyone! I thought I'd add more work to support that lonely peacock illustration I posted a while ago... These were done weeks ago, and I barely found the time (more like, made time) to clean them up for you.
Here are some quick sketches for the characters, and a drawing of the "Peacock Residence".

I hate posting with watermarks, but since the new "Orphan Works Legislation" has passed, all artists need to be super careful with their public work. Thank you new legislation, for making our lives harder by releasing our rights to our own works.
All in all, this was a quick design breakdown for a short story. Please enjoy!!


Shahar said...

hey tuna, it's shahar (from otis) I check out your blog all the time and you've got some pretty awesome artwork here... I do have one little correction however about the orphan works issue, I've been following a lot of issues with copyrights lately and the actual issue with orphan works actually seems to be very overblown

I got this off the us copyright office website, I havnt verified it's the actual text of the law but it seems to say that this is actually helpful because for work that you find people are stealing from you, it's basically the same as before, you ask for money, they have to give it to you. it just puts more ability for people to use old material and unknown material without having to censor it "just in case"

anyways here's a quote - tell me what you think

"there are clear conditions designed to protect copyright owners. A user must take all reasonable steps, employ all reasonable technology, and execute the applicable search practices to be submitted to the Copyright Office by authors, associations, and other experts. The user must meet other hurdles, including attaching an orphan symbol to the use, to increase transparency and the possibility that an owner may emerge. If an owner does emerge, the user must pay “reasonable compensation” or face full liability. Reasonable compensation will be mutually agreed by the owner and the user or, failing that, be decided by a court; but it must also reflect objective market values for the work and the use."

anyways good to see that people in our industry are keeping up with the law in general, I've noticed this message of orphan works bill being the end of all art coming from several people and I try to make sure everyone's aware of what is in the actual law.

- Shahar.

tunamunaluna said...

i'm glad to see people are actually following up with the orphan works issue...
it is true that "copyrighted work" is protected just the same, but the treatment towards the work that's not copyrighted seems to have changed. As far as I know, they changed it so that if someone steals your work, you have to prove it's yours, rather than them having to prove it's not theirs.
Basically, you're safe if you're copyrighting every sketch and painting you have, but who does that, unless you work for a big corporation?
i know it went through a buncha changes, and i still need to sit down and read the legislation that actually passed...
thanks for the information tho.. and keep in touch!

Martin Evans said...

This was aa lovely blog post