Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gobelins 08!

The new Gobelins shorts are fresh out of the oven! Check em out!


Unknown said...

All right! Thanks for posting this. I saw one a while back that school did about two octopus in love that was very good.

Ariel Alexandria Rucker said...

TUNA I WANT ONE!! i almost passed out on my keyboard when i saw this! its soooo cute!! *sob*

tunamunaluna said...

Jeremy - Yes, Oktapodi was great! Gobelins never fails to impress me.

Ariel - I know! Except I don't know if he's get along with Yu's cat ;)

Saul Espinosa said...

love the characters, so happy hahaha, love that big fish! its facial expressions are >> :D LOL made me laugh :]

Unknown said...

I love this one!
Too small! can't see the little people in there..